General Maintenance & Dust Removal for French White Oak Floors

As a general rule, hardwood floors are an excellent household flooring choice due to their timeless look, durability and ability to reduce allergens. However, grit and dust left on the floor long-term can act as abrasive to the finish. To keep your Board Brokers floor looking as beautiful and natural looking as the day it was installed, follow these regular maintenance and dust removal guidelines:

Hardwax Oil Cleaning System: We have developed high quality products specifically designed for any Board Brokers floor that has been treated with Hardwax Oil. If your floor has been treated with Hardwax Oil, please follow our Hardwax Oil Cleaning System .

Regular Vacuuming: Maintenance should include regular vacuuming with a canister vacuum with a soft brush attachment. The brush must be replaced periodically when the brush wears out.

No Treated Dust Mops: Do not use treated commercial dust mops or swifter type products as they can contain petroleum based solvents that can leave a chemical residue on the floor.

No Wet Mopping: Use of string mops and sponge-mops are not to be used when caring for a Board Brokers floor.

Dent Prevention: Wood flooring is susceptible to dents and scratches. Cloth glides must be applied to chair and furniture legs. Double barrel coaster wheels should replace hard rubber or metal wheels. High heel shoes can damage a hardwood floor. It is important to keep the tips in good repair.

High Traffic Areas: To minimize scuffing and scratching some additional precautions can be taken. Place area rugs in high traffic areas. Place walk-off mats both outside and inside of exterior doors. Place mats at the kitchen sink and if you prefer in front of the stove as well.

NOTE: Do not use rugs with rubber backs. The rubber does not breath and can make your floor very slippery from a reaction to the rubber on the back. Cloth back rugs can be kept in place with vinyl mesh designed to keep rugs from moving.  Link to Hardwax Oil Cleaning System page