Board Brokers Hardwax Oil: The Basics

Regular application of Hardwax Oil is the key to keeping your Hardwax Oil-treated floor looking as beautiful as the day it is installed. Board Brokers Hardwax Oil has a special composition that gives an oil film that resists wear and tear and scratches. When applied correctly, the floor will be coated in a comfortable water- and dirt-resistant layer.

Board Brokers Hardwax Oil allows the wood to breathe better, which in turn enables any moisture in the wood to evaporate. Because Board Brokers Hardwax Oil is made of bio-degradable natural oils and waxes, it penetrates deep into the wood that remains thus healthy and elastic.

Board Brokers Hardwax Oil

  • Dries to a clear satin-matte sheen (No Shiny Surface)
  • Water, scratch, and stain resistant
  • Low-VOC made from natural plant oils and waxes
  • LEED Compliant, meets European child safety standards
  • Suitable for wood and cork floors as well as furniture, wood trim, and cabinets
  • Easy to maintain

Hardwax Oil Colors

Board Brokers Hardwax Oil is a transparent, colorless oil, but is also available in different pastel and wood shades under the name Board Brokers Hardwax Color Oil. The quality of all Board Brokers Hardwax Oil – Colorless or Colored – is the same. They can also be mixed so that you can create a completely unique color.

Available colors:

  • Transparent Clear
  • Transparent White Ceruse
  • Transparent Gray Patina
  • Transparent Walnut
  • Transparent Oak
  • Transparent Dark Oak

Application and Maintenance

Boardbrokers applies Hardwax Oil during the creation of your Board Brokers floor. However it is important that the floor receive an additional coat of Boardbrokers Hardwax Oil immediately after installation and before the furniture is moved into place.

Thereafter, we highly recommend periodic (bi-annual) applications of Hardwax oil to maintain the look and durability of your Board Brokers floor.

For more detailed instructions please read:
Applying Board Brokers Hardwax Oil

Floor Finished With Board Brokers Hardwax Oil)
Floor Finished With Board Brokers Hardwax Oil)

( 2.5 L Brokers Hardwax Oil)