About Reclaimed Flooring

Add character and history to your design space with Reclaimed Wood Flooring, sourced directly from Mennonite and Amish communities throughout North America. Through expert hand finishing, we transform what was once the siding, flooring, roofing, beams and rafters of a barn into one-of-a-kind distinctive reclaimed flooring to enrich your design space.

Like a work of art, each of Board Brokers’ Reclaimed Hardwood Floors is 100% custom and distinctly unique—no two floors are ever alike. The beauty and significance of a reclaimed floor is found in the distinctive character markings that only Mother Nature and time can provide, including:

  • Knots
  • Nail Holes
  • Weather Cracks
  • Wormholes
  • Circular Saw Marks
  • Color Variation
  • Grain Variation
(Reclaimed White Oak)
(Reclaimed White Oak)

Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Flooring is hand crafted one plank at a time, and custom milled to your specific needs and design specifications. Not only will these floors create an unforgettable look and feel in your design space, but they are the ultimate in environmentally friendly flooring.

Customize with Species and Grade

We offer a wide variety of reclaimed species and three grades of reclaimed flooring to select from, ensuring that you achieve your desired look with your custom Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Floors. Select from one of our 12 species below, many of which are repurposed old growth wood, which allows you to enjoy all of the desired qualities without harming our diminishing live old growth forests. Our three Grade options below allow you to further customize the characteristics you’d like to include in your one-of-a-kind reclaimed floor.

Species Available: View Species

Reclaimed Ash
Reclaimed Barn Board
Reclaimed Beech
Reclaimed Chestnut
Reclaimed Douglass Fir
Reclaimed Elm
Reclaimed Heart Pine

Reclaimed Hickory
Reclaimed Maple
Reclaimed Red Oak
Reclaimed Walnut
Reclaimed White Oak
Reclaimed White Pine

Reclaimed Yellow Pine

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Grades Available:

Character Grade
Ideal for rustic design settings, Character Grade reclaimed wood flooring adds the most amount of character to your design space, revealing the knots, nail holes, seasoned checks, worming, color variation, and prior use marks of the wood. Any or all of these characteristics will be found in this grade to varying degrees.

Select Grade
Select Grade reclaimed flooring features all the characteristics of Character Grade flooring, but with an overall cleaner look. Boards used in your Select Grade reclaimed wood floor are hand selected and milled to achieve smaller knots, fewer nail holes, light seasoned checks, minimal worming/beetle tracks and prior use marks.

Premium Grade
Perhaps the most challenging grade to achieve, Premium Grade reclaimed wood flooring provides the environmentally friendly aspects of reclaimed wood, while nearly eliminating the distinctive characteristics. A Premium Grade reclaimed wood floor will feature small, infrequent knots, little to no worming, little to no nail holes, and no seasoned checks.

Reclaimed is Recycled