Custom Finishing Techniques

Whether you’d like to achieve a time-worn rustic appearance or a dramatic modern feel in your design space, Board Brokers can achieve any look with a variety of handmade surface and finishing treatments for virtually any wood species. Our expert craftsmen and artisans bring distinctive character to each Board Brokers floor by applying a combination of finishing techniques, such as hand-scraping, hand-plaining, fuming, wire brushing and more. These custom surface treatments are used to create the distinctive looks of our French White Oak Collections, to add character to antique or reclaimed hardwood, and to achieve your exact specifications for any custom product.


While reclaimed hardwood flooring boasts original details such as worming, hammer marks, nail holes and more, Board Brokers craftsmen are able to apply distressing techniques to achieve the look of a well worn floor with any lumber. All of these techniques are done by hand, ensuring you get the exact effects you desire. 


Wood stains color only the surface of wood, but fuming is a technique that uses gas to penetrate colors deep into the wood fibers and through the board. Our Board Brokers craftsmen utilize this finishing method to achieve the distinctive colors of many of our French White Oak Collections, and can use it to achieve your desired color for any custom project.

Hand Plaining

Plank flooring was originally plained by hand to smooth out any roughness caused by sawing. Today, this method is use to recreate the authentic look of antique floors, and the distinctive plaining marks of the past.

Hand Scraping

Hand scraping gives the warm appearance and character of a well worn floor. From a light scraping to enhance the handcrafted look of the floor, to heavy scraping to achieve the look of centuries of foot traffic, our craftsmen can deliver the exact effect you desire. Choose from hand scraped surfaces, had scraped edges, or a combination of the two.

Saw Markings

Often found in our reclaimed hardwood floors, saw markings, often called saw kerfs, add a texture, depth and character to your flooring. Board Brokers craftsmen can recreate these markings to any new wood, or add more to enhance the rustic feel of reclaimed wood. Select between circular saw marks and band saw marks.

Wire Brushing

One of our most subtle and popular surface treatments, Board Brokers craftsmen create a slightly worn texture using wire brushes against the smooth wood surface. This treatment is typically paired with several other techniques to achieve a distinctive look.

Hand Scraped Wood Floors


Custom Finishing Techniques
(Rustic White Oak)