Reclaimed is Recycled

The Ultimate in Environmentally Friendly Flooring

When selecting a Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Floor, not only will you add distinctive character and history to your design space, but you’ll be choosing the ultimate in environmentally friendly flooring. Reclaimed wood floors add an unmistakable antique look and feel to the room, showing off wear marks, unique characteristics and the history of a time gone by—all while adding virtually zero impact to the environment.

100% Recycled Materials

Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Flooring is made of 100% recycled wood from old barns, buildings, rural structures and sustainable sources of reclaimed timber. No new trees are harvested in the creation of reclaimed wood floors, which saves countless tress from being cut down every year.

Reuse and Repurpose

Rather than being discarded into landfill space, being incinerated, or simply being left to rot, the wood used in a Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Floor is repurposed into a distinctive product that adds value to your design space.

Use Old Growth Wood – Responsibly

Timber harvest and wildfires have greatly diminished the world’s old growth forests, which take centuries to mature and provide some of the most desired physical characteristics for hardwood floors. But reclaimed wood floors give you access to a variety of old growth wood species without harming the few remaining stands of old growth forest.

Rebirth Extinct Species

Some of the wood used to construct barns and buildings at the turn of the century were made with wood species that simply don’t exist for commercial purposes anymore. A Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Floor gives you access to woods that otherwise are unavailable today, breathing new life into an extinct species.

Preserve History

We work directly with Mennonite and Amish communities to source and deconstruct barns and buildings that are abandoned or beyond repair—ensuring that local heritage and architectural history are preserved. Most of the woods used in Board Brokers Reclaimed Wood Flooring are old-growth timber, harvested when the country was only decades old, allowing you add a piece of history to your design space.