Direct from the Forest

At Board Brokers, we are able to achieve high levels of quality control while creating exceptional value in the luxury hardwood flooring market by sourcing whole logs direct from the forest. We own our own trees and have developed strong relationships with farmers and land owners that allow us to source the best wide width, long length lumber and craft them into both solid and engineered flooring products. We know exactly where our lumber comes from, and we are involved in each step from log selection to manufacturing and delivering the finished product.

We work with land owners in France, Belgium, and throughout North America, and send our inspectors directly to the forest to hand select every log prior to crafting it into a Board Brokers floor.

This allows us to select logs with the richest color and widest diameter, and separate the sapwood from the heartwood to deliver our customers only the best quality wood floor at an exceptional price.

We also work directly with farmers in Southern China who supply our Hairy Bamboo, which is one of the strongest and dense bamboos available, and has a sustainable 5-year growth cycle. Our very own NWFA Certified inspectors thoroughly examine the bamboo to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality product.

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The Art of the Floor